The War 0n Affordable Housing

Within the weathered, beige exterior of the Frederick Douglas Haynes Gardens, 21-year-old Karla Murcia lives in a cramped three-bedroom apartment with her father, her mother, her mother’s boyfriend, her brother and two dogs. After receiving an unexpected notice on her door indicating that they must move out, Murcia feared being uprooted from the affordable housing […]

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Women’s Community Clinic

Trapped in a small, cramped unit of a single-room-occupancy hotel in the Mission District, a woman was held captive by her violent boyfriend and was unable to escape. Remembering that it was a Monday, she patiently waited to be freed by the Condom Ladies, who came knocking on her door at the same time every […]

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Archbishop Franzo King

In a small church on Fillmore Street, large vibrant paintings and tapestries of Saint John Coltrane cover the walls. The smell of incense inhabits the air along with the sacred sounds of the ministry and international congregants. The clergy, known as the Ministers of Sound, pour their souls into their instruments as they lead the […]

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Spending Time At Alamo Square

At Alamo Square, dogs run in pursuit of balls, couples bask in the sun as they sip on their wine, kids roll around on the grassy hills and tourists pose in front of San Francisco’s classic architecture with their selfie sticks raised high in the air. The community park, which appears in countless films and […]

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